Originally from Brittany, Crêpes & Galettes are a traditional meal in France.

Everyone from children to adults love them due to their delicate balance of savoury & sweet flavours and the crew at Captain Crêpes are excited to share this simple joy with their customers.

All of their ingredients have been selected with great care and are for the most part sourced locally from their friends at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market.

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Cinta Delights came about as the result of our passion for delicious sweet treats, made with the finest ingredients available. Silvia is a master pastry chef who has created, quite simply, the best cupcakes you will ever taste. Couple these with our artesanal real fruit ice cream, and you have a match made in heaven.

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A Kiwi owned business with a desire to bring back the old school Ice Cream Truck with a healthy twist. Founder Jono, believe's that you should be able to “have your Ice Cream, and eat it too.”


Currently specializing in real fruit ice cream but open to branch out and see how they provide fresh, healthy and delicious ice cream to your next event!


Crêpes Creations brings you traditional sweet and savoury crêpes straight from the crêpe capital of Brittany. You can find their food truck roaming around Auckland city and beyond.

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Degrees Celsius focuses on freshly made Hong Kong egg waffles (aka bubble waffles) along with Italian soft serve, served with seasonal and homemade toppings and sauces. They use only the highest quality local ingredients, including real fruits, fresh milk and eggs. All their products are made fresh daily, and they also offer gluten free, Kosher, and Halal Italian soft serve to cater to a wide customer base.

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Duo Annie & Daniel started Grownup Donuts in February 2018 with the intent to make the best donuts possible. They started making donuts years before, trialling new recipies, trying to improve upon what we they already discovered. 


Their donuts are very light and fluffy, filled with various Creams, Custards, Curds and Jams and dough is an entirely unique recipe. Everything sold is made from scratch by their own hands, including the fillings, right down to the base ingredients. 


Grownup Donuts are completely free from any added colours, fake flavours, preservatives or any kind of added nasty ingredients. They stick to real vanilla beans, belgian chocolate, real fruit, fresh cream/milk/eggs. If you see their donuts for sale, you can be guaranteed the duo were up early and have been freshly made that morning. 

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Tired of travelling out of Auckland for good quality real fruit ice cream? Isaac and Heidi decided to bring real fruit ice cream to the inner Auckland area. With their custom made caravan they blend your choice of berries into vanilla ice cream, and to cater for ever increasing food allergies and dietary choices they also offer vegan ice cream! Simple, fresh and delicious. They are proud to use biodegradable packaging to reduce the impact on our beautiful environment. 

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Did you know it all began with a surfing trip to Noosa where Nathan ate a lot of ice cream and began dreaming about making his own. On his return to Auckland, Nathan shared his dream with his wife, Mulan, who said "lets give it a go". And thus Lalele Organic Gelato was born.

Selling small batches of traditional recipe Gelato and Sorbet from their iconic Little Vintage Caravan, as well as Vegan Cocolato - made from Tradeaid coconut milk.Other popular choices are their homemade Popolato - Gourmet Vegan Popsicles; with flavours including Raspberry, Coconut & Rosemary or Avocado, Coconut & French Tarragon.

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Benjamin Pascal founded Little French Pastry to bring authentic French flavours and intricately crafted pastries to the New Zealand market. Whether it be the delicately constructed apple tarts, the flavourful jar desserts or the company’s premium offering; the mille-feuille, Little French Pastry has a decadent creation to transport you to Brittany in one bite.

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Tyla & Lula love ice cream and they wanted to share their passion for Dairy Free Soft Serve with the public. Serving up Vanilla, Coconut Based ice cream as well as a special flavour of the day, finished off with your choice of Vegan toppings. 

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The Marilyn is a vintage caravan spreading joy in the form of ice cream and tasty cold treats. Taking over The Marilyn in 2017, owners and ice cream lovers, Brock and Sophie set off on their journey of making people happy.....and what better way to do that then with ice cream!!

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Organic Knowledge is all about revolutionizing the way people snack, without compromising on taste and fun!

POP by Organic Knowledge has a foundational purpose to educate and create a community impact with love.

Love for the goodness of simple and healthy food, and love for the earth.


By using organic ingredients, compostable packaging, zero waste options, and focusing on the kids; Organic Knowledge joins the conscious movement here in Aotearoa. There's a good chance you'll get a big bear hug from founder Joydah Bernardo and a dance at our next event!

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Sweet As Crêpes began in 2007 when an ambitious twelve-year-old girl called Annabel Shepherd set up a stall at the very first Coatesville Market North of Auckland. The name was a play on words incorporating Annie’s own initials. 
The single crêpe maker and a queue each week soon grew and multiplied into a small family business.

They specialise in making fresh French crêpes on the spot. Over the years, traditional flavours such as fresh lemon juice and sugar, apple and cinnamon and butter and sugar have been complemented by local favourites such as salted caramel, Nutella and banana and berries and cream— giving their offerings a distinctly Kiwi twist. They also offer savoury options including their most popular "Very Vege Crêpe"—spinach, cheese, pesto, feta, sun-dried tomato, cracked pepper and fresh basil.


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