Pasta is a staple in every Italian's diet so when Luisa discovered her intolerance to gluten a couple of years ago Tommaso started playing around with different recipes to make gluten free pasta...after a year or so of trial and error he found a recipe he (and his very critical Italian friends) was happy with. 
Excited to share our food with the world, they decided to open up the doors of Amaranto Pasta & Cucina!

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Brooklyn Dogs provides a simple menu of quality, manuka smoked sausages that are made from only natural casings, free-range pork and prime beef. They don’t waste time with fillers, preservatives or nitrates. Their mission is to improve the meat you eat; so that you can experience an American classic the way it was meant to be - handmade, 100% natural and deliciously meaty.

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Our business is about taking simple food and making it delicious. Roast chicken is a NZ favourite, and after seeing some Rotisserie trucks in Wellington we thought it would be s great idea in Auckland. We are passionate about using the best and most sustainable products, with the best farming practices.

After being in the trades for many years, Jaron found himself in need of a new career. He realised that he was using cooking as a stress relief, and thought it would be an awesome industry to get into. After years of talking about it to his partner Ruth, she told me to stop talking about opening a food truck and "just do it...!" So here we are.


For as long as founder Carmel can remember, she has been a Foodie. Loves the food; the smell, the taste and most importantly the ultimate artistic process of creating a masterpiece to be devoured.  Moving from the other side of the world, inspired us to share delicious Pita-breads stuffed with the aromatic flavours of our childhood. In Israel, on every street corner you encounter Pita pockets filled with market freshness.


The traditional Yemenite recipe we use to create our soft-fresh Pita-breads requires time, practice and heaps of love. We source the best of New Zealand produce for our menu and it changes according to the seasons.  In 2018, 'Carmel – Israeli Street Food' established after joining the 'The Kitchen Project' - a food business incubator programme which aims to help emerging food entrepreneurs to grow their business in Auckland. Find out more


Lucio, a chef for over 15 years, started the business as a way of sharing the most traditional Argentinian food -"asado" (BBQ). His grandfather, from Italian descendant, was a pastry chef who back in the 60's had a food cart selling homemade pastries and bread on the streets of his home city. Che Lucio is the perfect way to continue his legacy.

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Crate Kitchen serves 'Feel Good Food' that is fast and fun. They run a blackboard style menu that changes accordingly with the seasonal produce available.

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The Cube Kitchen provides a restaurant dining experience or just simple quality street food. They use seasonal, organic vegetables and fresh meats from free range farms. Their menu changes depending on the season and occasion, but one thing remains constant; their signature bowl of organic, golden polenta chips and home made dips.

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Tim, founder of Double Dutch Fries, started his food truck just over 2 years ago as he found it impossible to find real freshly cut fries in Auckland. Now with his #2 food truck up & running and a pop up shop in Takapuna, lovers of quality fresh fries have more places to find their fix!

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After 10 years travelling Europe, twin brothers Boyd and Cam, have returned to share the recipes they loved with the people at home. The menu is always changing and consists of burgers / sandwiches, bruschetta, salads and cake. Basically whatever they feel like cooking.

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The Eat Adlib Food Truck is the long awaited dream of chef, James Taihia and his wife Alicia-Kate. They are delighted to be able to share their love of fresh and flavoursome ingredients, creating food that makes people smile. 

Adlib comes from the Latin word ad libitum ‘at one’s pleasure’ or ‘as you desire’. The Eat Adlib Food Truck adapts the menu dependent on the occasion, providing a flexible food option, catering to an event in the ‘adlib’ way.

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Chris and Jess started Grub only 6 months ago in Auckland. The idea was thought up while sitting on a long haul bus ride in South America. They craved the hearty, wholesome British meals cooked by their parents and grandparents. And what is more British than a Yorkshire Pudding!!! 


Grub takes this traditional British delicacy and turns it on its head by serving up their Yorkshire Pudding Wraps stuffed full of slow cooked meats, dripping in thick onion gravy with all the trimmings. Spending the Winter in snowy Queenstown, and returning to Auckland for Spring - these guys are on a mission to share the yorkie love to as many Kiwis as possible! Find out more

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Guerrilla Grill is a '73 Land Rover food truck helmed by Steve and Yang who met at culinary school and have been hanging out ever since! The concept of Guerrilla Grill came about during a summer of travel & when they launched in the winter they saw a gap in the market for some simple, bone warming comfort food.


Enter grilled cheese sandwiches! They start on an organic sourdough with a house blend of Dutch cheese. The menu is always changing to keep things fresh and seasonal. 

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Aldrin & Laura first met at Farro where their love of food brought the duo together! Aldrin’s passion for South East Asian Cuisine sparked an all time high after a trip home to his roots in the Philippines. After experiencing the variety of food & culture that the Philippines had to offer, Laura was hooked and couldn’t get enough! Being in the hospitality industry for several years, they felt it was time to take the leap and adventure on our own and because Filipino Cuisine holds a unique place in their hearts and felt it was just waiting to be discovered in New Zealand.


Hapunan which translates to Dinner is the most significant part to the day for Filipinos as it’s time to enjoy a well deserved meal with family & friends. Their aim is to spread the taste & love of the Philippines by serving up traditional Pinoy dishes with a modern touch. Find out more


Geordy and Jodie, husband & wife duo, are passionate about serving awesome Kiwi cuisine. In 2016, after having worked in the cheffing industry for over 20yrs, Geordy decided to take his love of cooking to the masses and bought a Food Truck! They use all fresh ingredients and source for local produce. They use all biodegradable packaging and their truck is partly run on solar energy.

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On repeated trips back to her native Germany, Claudia decided that there simply is nothing better than the smell & taste of a warm, freshly baked brezel (pretzel)! Claudia set out to replicate this experience in her chosen home NZ by way of converting an old caravan into what is currently NZ's first and only mobile pretzel bakery. Let's Brezel serves truly authentic German pretzel straight from the oven either 'naked' (plain salted) or with a variety of mouth watering filling options.

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Epic Chargrilled Pork Belly Sandwiches. Dean the operator of The Hungry Swine was a trained chef for 17 years before having the urge to perfect the humble sandwich. Whether it be the 'French' with truffled crème fraiche, swiss cheese, and Dijon or a 'Kiwi' with kiwi dip slaw, kumara chips and watercress, these guys have got your hunger covered!

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Two chefs who roam Auckland serving simple, fast, delicious burgers and beverages out of their funky 80s caravan. They’re like other burgers you’ve tried – just way tastier.

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Hamish & Amy always wondered how crumpets were made so one weekend they gave it a go, that first batch turned out pretty well so they quit their jobs and set out on an ultimate adventure to build a crumpet cart. They figured if they wondered about the magic of crumpets maybe others did too so they set about making their trailer (from scratch) and perfecting their crumpet making skills. Only problem was they never wrote down that initial crumpet recipe... and after 3 straight months of failures in the kitchen and as their launch date drew near they wondered what they had done with their lives. 


Two years and thousands of crumpets later they still haven't written down the recipe but they are happy they didn't give up on the dream of one day making the perfect crumpet!

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Langos is the traditional street food of Budapest. These freshly made bread puffs are easy to hold and enjoy while wandering around a markets and festivals. A langos (pronounced langosh) is made of leavened dough and fried in high quality vegetable oil, brushed with fresh garlic and sprinkled with sea salt. They are also served with a choice of our original toppings like our Jalapeno and Herb Harissa, Feta and Tomato and Watercress and Walnut Pesto. Depending on your event, party or function we can adapt these versitie breads.

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Traditionally, you will find rice, some marinated meat, egg and a side of pickled veg as a Filipino all day "breakfast" staple. Marc and Kaye have infused some creativity and a burst of colour to this tradition, serving them as burgers with natural coloured buns. Inspired by the whimsical imagination of their two sons and the craving for more traditional flavours, they have created the Manila Eats foodtruck. Here you'll find their eye catching burger bun display of BLACK-SQUID INK, PINK-BEETROOT, GREEN-SPINACH, and YELLOW-TURMERIC. You'll also get a whiff of grilled meat that will leave you salivating and hear the sound of freshly cooked fries tossed in flavoursome seasonings.
You'll never look at burger and chips the same again.

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The adventure began after a family trip around the world. On return to Auckland, founder Sebastien was asked by his children to replicate the French sausages they had recently tried. The idea of the French Hot-Dog was born: homemade sausages, a French baguette, fresh vegetables with a slightly raised sauce!

The reaction... 'Miam Miam papa', which literally means 'Yummyy daddy' in French! 

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TOKYO STREET RAMEN -- Specially trained in Japan and with over 10 years' experience, Chef Taku Hida brings his premium quality ramen to New Zealand. 


Pizza is Naples gastronomic gift to the world. Of all creations conceived in the capital of Campania, the golden disc of dough topped with tomatoes, creamy Fior di Latte Mozzarella and scattered Basil leaves has to be Numero Uno! Established on 2015 Napoli Central was the first to bring La Vera Pizza Napoletana in a Mobile setting in Auckland . Born and raised in Napoli (Naples, Italy), Luca can be found around Markets and events in Auckland and if the beautiful smell of the wood fire oven doesn't guide you where he is just keep your ears open for : "La Pizza! La Pizza!"


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NomNom draws inspiration from South East Asian street food with Sticky pork belly rice bowls, Viet style Kaffir fried chicken, Sesame Tofu and Lemongrass Chicken. Accompanied of course by the all-important condiments. You will find the team at markets, concerts, festivals and weddings across Auckland. 

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Olas Arepas is bringing a slice of traditional South American cuisine to the Auckland street food scene, and have been for the past 5 years. Venezuelan chef Maurizio has combined his passion for cooking with the joy of showing Aucklanders what his favourite native dish ‘The Arepa’ is all about.  Follow their Food Truck or check our their new restaurant in Ponsonby Central!

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We're here to make chicken great again. We sell the best dayumn fried chicken this side of the Mississippi. Nashville Hot Chicken has been a staple in Tennessee since the 1970s, people still line up for hours to get their hands on it.

Choose your spice level - mild, medium or Holy Cluck! Served inside tender brioche buns as a burger or on top of fluffy belgium waffles. It's seriously good y'all! 

Come catch us out on the street, but you had better get there early!

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Pūhā & Pākehā started in 2014 when Belinda and Jarrad saw an opportunity to reconnect people with the kai of Aotearoa. Traditional Māori kai was largely overlooked by the public but with the injection of new cooking styles and modern flavours people would have a reason to give it a try. So Puha & Pākehā is a harmonious blend of two cultures, taking elements of old school Māori kai, adding modern flavours. Enjoy the kai from the cute retro caravan found at markets, festivals and catering parties, weddings & functions or at the Eatery in Grey Lynn.

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The owner / chef, Yuki, grew up watching her dad cook in a busy local restaurant he ran in Japan. She decided to bring her dad's recipes to New Zealand and share his authentic Japanese food, opening the first Ramen Takara in 2007. Ramen Takara food truck carries on the tradition, serving traditional Japanese street food made with fresh local ingredients.


After moving to New Zealand in 2003 and a few years of working in hospitality in their 'new home', Ana and Reinaldo decided it was time to start up their own business and "Sabores" was born! It is their goal to share with the people of Aotearoa the great European-Latin fusion that Argentine cuisine is all about. 

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Salash Delicatessen is Auckland based family businesses run by Father and Son with help of the rest of family."Papa" is Master butcher with more than 35 years of experience in food industry. His Son Gradimir, is a trained Chef and also involved in food industry since early age. Together they create delicious,100% natural products!
Experts in serving some of the most delicious burgers that you will ever come across including their Chorizo Burger & Smoked Chorizo Roll. Guarantee not let you down!

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Sweet As Bowl are a Kiwi-fusion plant-based food truck with a passion for creating unbelievably tasty cuisine. Their sweet and savoury bowls will make you and your taste buds sing. 

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Taco Loco is home of the best Mexican street food in town,our ingredients are so fresh that it will leave you asking for more!

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Being hospitality professionals, Jenny and Rodrigo had always spoken and dreamed about doing their own thing / running their own business and what they always really enjoyed eating was street food. Temaki had started to become popular in Brazil and after tasting it on a trip a couple of years back, they were hooked! 


"Straight up we looked each other and said, Temaki! Let's introduce Temaki to Aotearoa." - Aren't we glad they did?!

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With an estimated 200,000 dumplings delicately handmade by Gordon & Yina over the past 12 months, who can say that The Rolling Pin is not an Auckland foodie favourite?!

With a shared love and passion for food culture & science, the pair started their popular food truck with the aim of offering a new kind of Chinese cuisine more catered to Kiwis’ taste without losing the essence and authenticity of their Cantonese roots. 

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Punish & Rashmi decided to offer tasty & mouthwatering vegan fast food as they discovered that it was very hard to find any vegan plant based fast food in events & festivals. The Food Bach offers a variety of delicious vegan dishes in the menu to choose from. The duo strongly believe that the diet we choose impacts all aspects of our health and affects our environment and therefore only uses fresh produce and biodegradable packaging. 

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The Toasted As concept began taking shape in Melbourne, inspired by the foodie culture and a mutual love of toasties. After moving to Auckland, owners, Jamie & Sam, began their Food Truck journey in October and their gourmet toastie dreams finally became reality.

All Toasted As toasties are created using organic sourdough bread, the signature 3 cheese blend and a variety of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Dairy-free and vegan options are always available.

Jamie & Sam look forward to getting Toasted As with you soon! Find out more


A little food truck with a very big heart. Anna is passionate about delivering healthy, tasty, fresh and seasonal Vegetarian and Vegan food that everyone can enjoy!

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Wise Boys is your one stop shop for a face full of indulgent plant-based burger goodness. The boys built their food truck in late 2015 and have been roaming around since then, serving up amazing burgers and fries. They have recently opened their first permanent store in Grey Lynn, but the food truck is still out and about, in Auckland and beyond.


100% vegan, 100% delicious.

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